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moving day

Today, I found a really cool apartment on the historic south side of Y for a great price and it includes all utilities! It will be ready on June first. It has hardwood floors, a nice sized living room, a decent sized kitchen with black and white tile, and good sized bedroom with jade green wallpaper. The apartment is in a pretty yellow brick building, around the corner from my friend's parents' house. It's funny how an apartment with character (plaster walls, hardwood floors, radiators) that includes utilities in Y is cheaper than a cookie cutter apartment community with drywall, nasty ass carpeting, and electric heat that doesn't include utilities in A2. I honestly believe that the majority of Americans are afflicted with the desire to conform and a lack of appreciation for culture. Hence, the subdivision. Hence, the Bush administration.
He used to say, "spring has sprung!" whenever it turned just the slightest bit warmer in the month of March. He used to smoke a pipe while he read his books. He used to watch the hockey playoffs with me in the springtime. He used to carry a toolbox and wear a hard hat to work. He used to collect unemployment. He used to get in the car through the passenger door because the driver's side door was broken. He used to tell me stories about my grandparents. He used to buy me diet soda. He used to watch football games on Saturday. He used to take me to the movies. He used to come to my aunt's for Christmas dinner. He used to say that there was a right way, a wrong way, and the army way. And guess which way was his way? He used to keep bags of hershey's kisses and bags of jelly bellies in the cupboard. He used to listen to me cry when I felt like I was unlovable. He used to tell me I was the greatest thing ever to happen to him. He used to browse through used bookstores. He used to come to Ann Arbor and walk around the campus. He used to be able to answer almost every question on Jeopardy. He used to say, "C'mon Rip! You can do it!" whenever Hamilton made a free throw. He used to drive me down to the old neighborhood and talk about how beautiful it used to be when he was a kid. He used to watch "Law and Order" and "CSI" and "Medium" with me. He used to take me to the Tigers' games. He used to play basketball for All Saints. He used to be class president. He used to be married. He used to know all the lines in "Full Metal Jacket." He used to read Chomsky. He used to go to art fairs. He used to run. He used to make fun of the mayor. He used to despise Bush. He used to talk about how great it would be when he was a grandfather.

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