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Broken Verses

Sara's Journal

8 August
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i like to drink tea in the mornings.

i am learning to sew, embroider, and quilt. slowly.

i like one on one conversations more than big group gatherings. but those can be cool too.

i wish i could sing better.

i cannot be defined merely by the clothes i wear, the books i read, or the music i listen to.

i like granny smith apples better than red ones.

i love to read

i love pretty floral prints. but i can be really picky about them.

i'd like to write a book someday.

i love loading microfilm readers causing a great deal of damage to my eyes by reading over handwritten documents from the nineteenth century. for hours.

i believe that building community is more important that being a part of a scene

i'd like to visit portugal and spain someday.

i refuse to be a billboard and will not wear anything that advertises a product.

i appreciate irony, but value sincerity more.

i don't like being confined to a label.

i would love to get married and have a family someday.

i love wearing knee socks.

i love sparrows, chickadees, hummingbirds, and cranes.

i love these perfumes: chance by chanel and salt air by demeter.

no one should be defined by the style of their sneakers.

i'm blessed to have some really great friends.

i love my family, no matter what problems we might be having, this never changes.

i'm learning about mindfulness and radical acceptance.

i'd rather live in a small house and be happy, than live in a mansion and be miserable.

i want to become a clinical social worker.

i like designers like prada, but i'd be okay if i never owned a single prada dress.

i own too many tote bags and bath towels.

i love being at the shore in the early spring.

i'm somewhat shy

i'm afaid of ants

i'm not afraid of spiders

i love whistler, matisse, sargent, hopper, and darger